Integrated cell-string optimizer

Introducing the next generation in module-level power electronics; the taylor integrated cell-string optimizer. Commercial-scale PV installations are now safer and quicker to design, construct, and maintain, whilst providing a higher return on investment. 

taylor supplies her products directly to solar module manufacturers to be integrated within the module’s junction box. Optimizers for 60 and 72-cell crystalline-silicon modules are our first standardized products. However, as our name suggests tailoring to your cell and module specifications is possible on request.

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Benefits of the product

Increased yield

— 3 MPPT’s per module

— Up to 20% higher and more reliable system yield

— Hotspot mitigation by replacing by-pass diodes

Longer strings

— String size up to 300%

— Flexible string design (multi-orientation)

— Save up to 50% of cabling and installation cost

DC Coupling

— Reduces inverter cost up to 25%

— Enables direct battery coupling


— Cell-string level power monitoring

— Raw data accessible for your monitoring platform


– SunSpec compliant module-level shutdown

– Overtemperature shutdown

– Arc-detection compatible